How to Create a Casual Look With Your Tango Dress

Tango dresses tend to be incredibly versatile. Some dancers only dance a few times a month but still have a closet full of dresses that would be worthy of several nights out every week. So when the time comes to transition from dance class to a lunch with friends, a birthday party or even a bridal shower, a good tango dress makes the move seamlessly.


LBD vs. Colors and Prints
Black tango dresses can be striking on the dance floor and some work well at more formal events. But when it is time to create a casual look, beautiful colors and prints are ideal. They create a unique style and leave you with lots of opportunities to create the ideal outfit. While it is possible to create a casual look with a black tango dress, prints and other colors can be a little bit easier to work with. Check out the different tango dresses available online to find the style and color you like. 

Hem Length and How it Helps
In theory, the longer the dress, the more formal it appears to be. So with tango dresses, you’ve got some options. The dresses that are going to work the best for casual events are those that have a higher hemline. As long as the dress doesn’t go to the floor, it will work. Dresses that have a waterfall hemline with a higher front hem and lower back hem will also work perfectly for tango. If the dress goes above the knee, make sure it is either flowy or tight with a slit so you can move in it. Do not chose a tight, ankle-long dress because it will be no good if you are planning to dance in it. 

Shoes, Sunglasses and More
From the purse to the shoes, there are so many different accessories that can take a tango dress to a new level. Even though you aren’t looking to be overly formal, you can still add a great pair of shoes to a dress and create a fabulous look. You can still choose earrings that bring out one of the colors of the dress or a belt that brings everything together. Because most casual get-togethers take place during the day, sunglasses can be a great accessory to add to your tango dress. At night, you might want to add a little jacket that works with it in color and style. 

Save Some Money
Once you purchase tango dresses online, you want to make sure that you get the most for your money. You have a chance to get more use out of dresses that you probably already love. When the time comes to head out to a casual event, and you’re looking for something to wear, don’t overlook your tango dresses. Try out your tango dresses in a different context than tango dancing. Add some shoes and jewelry that will tie into the overall look. Then, feel just as amazing as you do out on the dance floor.

Don’t let some of your favorite tango dresses online end up lonely in the closet, waiting for the next dance lesson or milonga. Instead, look for casual events where you can put on the dress and take advantage of the way the dress makes you feel. Why not enjoy your favorite tango dress when you walk into a party? And… you might still decide to drop by a late-night milonga afterwards. 

Katharina J