Different Argentine Tango Dresses

Argentine Tango Dresses from Colección Berlin

Colección Berlin creates elegant, handmade tango fashion. Whether you want skirts, tops or full tango dresses, they have the right options available. With an easy to read fit guide, anyone can figure out which size works for them. The hardest part is deciding between the many different styles, so here are some to consider.

The Olivia Magenta Print Dress

The gorgeous floral fabric exudes elegance and grace. It’s colors of magenta, black, dark grey and white make it an easy match with whichever dance shoes you have. The small cut in the back and the stunning back opening create an elongated figure with a classic high neckline. This tango dress is a tailored fit down the hips but is still flowing and easy to move in on the dance floor.


The Lucero Dress Cut

This dress is one of the most elegant tango dresses from Colección Berlin. The beautiful back opening with crossed straps shows off the back while allowing the wearer comfort. It is available in black, exotic florals and sky blue print fabric. Its fabric flows well around the legs and the angled hem exudes everything you'd expect from a tango dress. This dress contains the elegance of a classic tango dress with crossed straps in the back. It will flow well in movement.

The Carla Red Floral Dress

Where the Olivia black dress is classy, the Carla black flow dress has a classic tango appeal. The flowing fabric is shorter in the front and longer in the back with a fitted waist and A-line style. The neckline in the back plunges halfway through the shoulder blades to show off the back without going too far.

When you want an elegant outfit which is to be noticed, this is a good dress to choose. The red floral print stands out without being overbearing. This dress flows well on the dance floor because of its short front and longer back. The A-line cut is attractive on a number of different body types.

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The Olivia Black Dress

Every woman needs a little black dress in her wardrobe. This fitted black tango dress is the perfect companion for a number of different occasions. The lace detail on the back makes it extra elegant and the classic high neckline allows it to fit into casual and classy affairs. The tailored fit is flattering but still comfortable. If you find black is not for you, read on!

The Olivia Paisley Dress

With charming paisley print, this elegant dress has a beautiful open back that creates an elongated figure. The high neckline and tailored fit allows it to be worn for a number of different occasions, including a night on the dance floor.

The Olivia Abstract Print Dress

The gorgeous abstract print on this dress gives it an artistic look with an elegant cut, including an open back. This dress is truly unique and it is not copied easily. The fabric is one of a kind. The may colors of the dress allow it to be matched with any colorful tango shoes.

Whatever your tango dream dress is, you can find it in the Colección Berlin collection. Take a closer look at all the choices.

Katharina J