Three Things to Avoid When Shopping for Tango Dresses

If you’re going to dance tango, you need to be wearing something which is made for dancing, not just something you might great for a night out with friends. You can’t just wear anything out onto the dance floor because some fabrics and cuts are just not made for dancing. So best to try out a few big dance steps at home before going on the dancefloor with your newest outfit. Tango dancing requires you to be able to move freely so your tango dress should be made of fabric which stretches well with your dance moves. There are several things you want to avoid to ensure that you get the most out of your dancing experience.

Avoid Silk

When shopping for Tango dresses online, immediately remove all of the items made of silk. At first glance, these pieces would seem to flow perfectly to the beat and create a beautiful silhouette as you move. However, with the movements comes sweat. There are no instances when sweat and silk are going to pair well together. The fabric becomes sticky, clinging to the skin and creating an unattractive appearance. No woman wants sweat marks to show just how hard she is working on the dance. This is a downhill problem that will quickly escalate and take away from the enjoyment of the experience. So best keep the silk outfits for birthday parties and dinners with friends.


Avoid Cotton

If silk doesn’t work, cotton seems like a safe choice, right? Unfortunately, this material isn’t ideal either. Sweat is still going to be a problem, causing the dress to stick to the skin and make the dance uncomfortable for both the dancers and the observers. Cotton generally is not a fabric which dries fast so you will feel sweaty for hours if you are planning to dance the night away. At the same time, there isn’t always a lot of give when it comes to cotton, reducing range of motion and making for a stilted dance that doesn’t present the essence of tango. You don’t want to be in a tight-fitting outfit that doesn’t allow for turns and big side steps.

Avoid Dresses You Don’t Like

It might seem obvious to avoid Tango dresses online that you don’t like, but sometimes a sales price or even the influence of a friend will make it seem like a less-than-attractive dress is a good buy. Unfortunately, wearing a Tango dress that doesn’t fit your body type and doesn’t make you feel good just creates more tension in the movement, making it impossible to get the most out of tango dancing. When you shop for a Tango dress, you are looking for something that complements your body and makes you feel attractive. You want to walk out with confidence as you take on the next dance. So don’t settle for the next best option.

If you’re shopping for a Tango dress, make sure that you look at items that you like. Look for colors that appeal to you, styles that flatter you, and fabrics that are going to be perfect for the task at hand. Don’t settle for good enough. Instead, it makes more sense to spend a little extra to get exactly what you want. You, your dance partner, and even your audience will appreciate that your dress complements the way that you look and feel when you dance the night away.

Katharina J