Types of Argentine Tango Dresses

Tango dresses are plentiful, but it can be hard to find one that fits right and flows correctly. Argentine tango dresses from Coleccion Berlin are classics that will fit and flow to perfection for every event. Here are some examples to get you started on your shopping excursion.

The Carla Dress

This classic tango dress is available in a number of different prints, including the exotic red floral. You can get the dress in small and medium and large sizes are coming as well. The flow of this A-line dress is beautiful. It has a shorter front and longer back cut which works perfectly for tango dancing. It will give you freedom to dance and you will not get tangled up in the fabric. The fitted waist keeps everything in place as the soft fabric stretches over the hips. The fabric used for the dress was carefully selected and tested on the dance floor before this dress was added to the collection.

The Lucero Dress

This elegant tango dress has a beautiful back opening complete with crossed straps. It comes in stunning fabrics. The flow is incredible with the added fabric on the back. The side slit gives you extra freedom of movement while showing your legs. This dress was made for a night of dancing and won’t look any different at the end of the night than it does at the beginning.


The Olivia Dress

The elegant cut on this dress creates an elongated figure with a classic high neckline and an open back. The tailored fit streams down to the knee with soft, comfortable fabric. The stretch of the fabric allows you to move with ease and the dress can even be worn with a regular bra. Check the size chart on the Coleccion Berlin website to find the right size for you.

The Maxima Dress

A number of prints are available in the Maxima dress cut, many of which are perfect for summertime. The flattering shape shows off the legs and has a fitted waist. The draped detail at the side and the rounded back opening add charm to the classic style. This dress can be comfortably worn all night long and it will make it through any dance session with ease.

The Coco Flow Skirt

In addition to full dresses, you can also get skirts for a stunning appearance. This wrap-around feminine skirt has a bow at the side that makes quite an effect when you turn. The flowing fabric looks great when dancing and you can adjust the skirt to wrap it as tight around your waist as you prefer.

The Paola Skirt

This popular option comes in colorful prints and is a great match for any tango shoes. The comfortable fabric includes an elegant design with a slit that opens up on the left leg. The flow is steady and beautiful. Just note that the machine-washable skirt does well in a mesh lingerie bag between uses to make sure it will last a long time.

When shopping for tango dresses, you can’t go wrong with the wide range of tango dancewear provided by Coleccion Berlin. All fabrics have been dance-tested for comfort and flow and they were fashioned into beautiful dresses and skirts. No matter what style, colors or fit you are looking to find, it’s available at Coleccion Berlin.

Katharina J