Top Argentine Tango Dresses to Flaunt at a Festival

A warm welcome to all the lovers of Tango fashion and Tango dances out there. Well, if you’re sitting at home and tapping your foot while listening to your favorite tango music, then it’s time you show your dancing skills at great Tango dance festivals!

At festivals the beginners usually get a great start with various kinds of workshops. So, basically, you should brace yourselves, because a festival of fun, frolic and dance is approaching you. The first step for preparing yourself for tango festivals after you have bought your ticket is the selection of the Tango dresses. Now, Tango dresses do play a major role in accentuating the beauty of the dancers with all the twists, turns and the sways. So, needless to say, that choosing the right Tango dress is tricky. Here is a list of top Argentine Tango dresses that you can flaunt on the dancefloor:

Solid slit skirt - It’s time to create a beautiful silhouette. And what can be more apt than wearing a solid slit skirt? Many slit skirt are of vibrant colors that can be paired perfectly with well-fitted tops and it will sport a look to die for.

Floral slit skirt - Bring out the sensuality within you by wearing a floral slit skirt. This embellishes your entire look and is a perfect choice for spring and summer. Pair it for a tight unicolor top to look stunning.

Go for a slit skirt to show off your legs at a festival!

Go for a slit skirt to show off your legs at a festival!

Sequin skirt - Add bling for a festival with a sequin-embellishedskirt. Combine with a classic unicolor top for an extraordinary look. Get all the eyes hooked on you with this outfit. So, are you ready to flaunt this exquisite attire?

Draped dress - Leave a mark of your own among the rest with a simple, elegant draped dress. This doesn’t only add a royal touch to your look but highlights your curves properly. So, if you have the curves, then exhibit it right away in this dress.

Apart from the above-mentioned dresses, there are many other types of attires that can be displayed at this festival. So, look up and see what suits you the best. After all, a festival is a great opportunity to put on all that jazz and set the dance floor on fire!

Katharina J