Tips to Style Summer Tango Dresses in Winter

Irrespective of the fact that you are a total jeans and tee kind of a girl, you may also have a soft spot for your favorite dress or skirt. However, winter usually means that you will default back to the jeans and tee short combo, but we’re here to tell you that it must not be so!

Slipping into a dress or skirt feels like a lot of work — making sure you have that perfect pedi, waxing, shaving, flaunting your dancer’s legs… — and some of you may feel that winter is relief from all of that. But what if there’s a way to keep it easy and make that favorite tango dress or skirt work at the same time?

Grab that favorite summer tango dress or skirt, your stockings, your scarves, and accessories, then listen closely for my best winter fashion tips to keep you looking stylish and fresh!

Boots and Scarves - If you are opting for a short dress, then knee length boots is your go-to option for keeping your legs protected from the freezing cold. Wrap your neckina quirky printed scarf that compliments your skirt or dress in order to combat the winter chill and stay warm.

Oversized Jackets - Oversized jackets are a big hit over well fitted Tango dresses provided you layer your clothes well. If you don’t already own one, switch it up by borrowing your bae’s favorite jacket for a fabulously casual chic look. For a nostalgic retro feel, consider stopping by your parent’s place and rifle through their closet. They will appreciate seeing your face and you never know what oversized winter jacket treasures you may find to complement your best tango apparel!

Overcoats and Ankle Length Boots - Do you spend ours drooling over the oversized coats / ankle length boots and stockings combo? We do too! Many a Hollywood celeb has rocked this looked to perfect, now it’s your turn to get in the game! We love ankle length boots and due to their popularity, they come in all shapes, sizes and prices! Grab a pair that work with your best tango dress and oversized coat, in order to start slaying like Bey while looking and feeling like million dollars.

Structured Blazers with Stockings - For the more classically inclined, a well-fitted dress can be accessorized with a nice blazer and matching stockings and is probably the most efficient day-to-evening style. Don’t forget your favorite party earring or necklace, some timeless lipstick and you’re good to go!

Winter essentials are key to making the summer to winter transition as seamless as possible. These tips are easy to follow and don’t require a lot of extra spending! Most importantly, they don’t require you to part with your favorite tango dress and skirt items during the day, making it easy for you to go straight for the dance floor after work.

Katharina J