Three Dos and Do nots of Styling Tango Skirts Perfectly

It is that time of the year when you need to pull out all the skirts from your wardrobe and style them up perfectly. Skirts are stylish no doubt and all the more so because they flaunt your well-toned legs brilliantly. But pulling off the right Tango skirt is not a matter of joke and requires oodles of confidence. When it comes to showing off that right skirt, it is important to know your style facts well.

Confidence goes a long way in shaping your style and makes you look fabulous in whatever you wear. Knowing the style facts right also helps because going that extra mile to perfect your look never harms. With so many fashion trends coming and going, it often gets difficult to understand the style that is a hit and the ones those are a miss. In order to get that right, we help you to know the style tips that you must follow and the ones you should drop while flaunting your Tango skirt.

tango skirt

Choose the Right Length of the Skirt – Do choose the right length of the skirt so that your look is not overplayed or underplayed. Understand your body type and the shape of your legs before zeroing in on the length. Don’t go for a short top like a crop top in case the length of the skirt is short. Don’t go for the oversized shirts like a boyfriend shirt in case you choose knee length skirts.

Select the Right Length of the Slit – Slits add the right amount of sensuousness to your entire look. Women often like to make a bold statement by making the slit extra long and flaunt an extra amount of skin. Do choose a moderate slit length because it is really enduring to leave a lot to the imagination. If you chose to wear a longer slit length it will take away the attention from your skirt and focus more on the slit and leg. This is an option for special events and a look flaunted by professional Tango show dancers.

Decide on the Right Shoes – If you are not planning to Tango dance but wear your skirt for an evening out, wear dainty heels and stilettos with your Tango skirts. The right pair of heels accentuate the skirts all the more. Whether it is kitten heels, stilettos or the simplistic Mary Jane shoes. These shoes can never go wrong with your skirts and make heads turn for all the right reasons. Don’t opt for wedges for your Tango skirts because the entire look falls flat and makes you look bland. That is something you surely would not want for yourself.

Whenever it comes to fashion and the kind of style you choose, always remember the context. Context plays an important role in deciding your fashion style. Many women often go wrong by not giving much importance to the context and their fashion often comes across as misplaced or out of place. Even if you are dressing up to look at yourself in the mirror, you should also dress to make that right statement.

Katharina J