The Dress That Adds Drama to Your Tango Dance

Looking for that perfect tango skirt and top? You have come to the right place. We specialize in designing the perfect dress that adds dollop to your confidence quotient while giving style and elegance to your personality. Just make sure that you rightly accessorize what we offer and you are set to meet the dance floor with un-assumed charm and absolute aplomb.

Yes, today we will be talking about the deadly black tango skirt to go with your tango top. Make it your dress for that special tango event. There is every reason that the skirt and top will do justice to the occasion, and I will tell you why.

The fabric: It is made of soft comfortable fabric that is perfect for dancing all night long. It has a quality feel that makes you feel perfectly comfortable. Made of stretch material and ideal for setting the dance floor on fire, the fabric has the capacity to take in maximum wear and tear as it will not look any different after a long night of dancing. 

The design: It is fashionably styled to bring out the best in you. The skirt has a traditional shorter front longer back cut and a slit that opens up on the left leg revealing your legs perfectly. 

What to match it with: You can select an elegant open back top that will go exceptionally well with the skirt. It offers a closely fitted look, perfect for any dance moves you might want to try. The deep back cut spill out your feminine qualities and perfectly blend in soft sensuality.

The hair do: Pile your hair at the back and make a classy knot or create a modern messy updo. Make sure it's well pinned and firm so that it doesn't untie with the risqué moves.

Accessories: Do not wear any dangle earrings as the chances of injury or your jewellery acting as a spoiler are very strong. Long necklaces should also be avoided for the same reasons. Better go for stud earrings and a short, tight necklace.

Makeup: Highlight your eyes, bring out the best shades matching with your apparel. You may fill your lips fully with lipstick in dark or light shade depending on the time of day and dress.

Katharina J