Tango Skirts with Trendy Tops Make an Awesome Party Ensemble

Laced skirts have made a wonderful comeback in the mainstream fashion recently. From being exclusive and quite rare, lace skirts have transformed into an amazing party staple. Lace skirts have also entered the world of Tango fashion. They can be worn to dance events as well as in the office. All you need is a trendy top or blouse and a good pair of dancing shoes to complement your look.

Traditionally a tucked button-down shirt or a silk blouse, a sparkly sweater, or a silk camisole with tuxedo jacket used to pair with the skirts. However, the concept of blouse and tuxedo jacket has taken a backseat with the arrival of various fancy and fashionable tops.

Let’s take a look at what you can wear with your Tango Skirts to flaunt your feminine charisma.

Stylish Tops

Try out the following options for a trendy look.

Carmen Crop Tops: Choose a top that fits well with tango skirts and sits effortlessly around the waistline. This top is perfect for any occasion starting from a tango lesson to milongas and festivals. Moreover, it looks extremely classy when paired with lace textures.

Open Back Tops: These are a must-try for those wanting to show off their back! Make sure they are the right fit so they do not move too much when you dance. 

Open back top by Colección Berlin

Open back top by Colección Berlin

Tunic Tops: Designed with luxurious lace fabric, tunic tops are simply elegant in terms of designs, cuts and texture. These are comfortable to dance in and at the same time make you look super fashionable.

Squared Neck Tops: These tops are for the ones who prefer a subtle retro look in terms of their dance outfit. With a square neckline, you can choose any piece of jewellery to complement the look.

Beautiful Accessories

Beautiful accessories can simply glam you up. A small clutch is essential to complement your look. Finish off the outfit with beautiful jewellery to go with the skirt. Be careful not to overdo if you want your skirt to catch all the attention. If you are planning to dance in your outfit, avoid wearing large dangle earrings as they might get caught in your hair or clothes and will distract you.

Nowadays, a lot of designer options are available in skirts, tops, dresses and accessories. Both the online and physical stores are simply overflowing with plenty of choices. However, you can also check the online store of Coleccion Berlin with an exclusive choice of elegant and handmade tango skirts, tango dresses and tops.

Katharina J