Tango Skirt Style Tips for Women with Different Body Types

All good things come in different shapes and sizes. How often have women heard this from nosy neighbors and interfering family members, “don’t you think you are too fat/thin, too short/tall for that dress/skirt?” There is no good way to reply to the wrong question. It is best to flash your best smile at them and do your own thing. Haters will hate and that is the truth. So, be confident about yourself and love yourself no matter what shape you are in. Always remember your body structure and type has nothing to do with the kind of clothes you prefer to wear. A little bit of tactful dressing and camouflaging the right areas always do the trick.

High waist skirts are great for tango dancing!

High waist skirts are great for tango dancing!

Accept your own flaws with grace and confidence because nobody is perfect. Understand your problem areas and choose clothes which are trendy and in fashion accordingly. We guide you in knowing the different styles of Tango skirts that you can wear as per the body type you are blessed with.

Monochrome for Petite Women – Petite women often complain that they are too short to look fashionable in Tango skirts. It is time to break away from this notion and experiment accordingly. In this case, the experimentation would be monochrome skirts. Such a skirt will make one look taller.

Tucked in Shirts for Broad Waist Women – Women with broad waist often complain that skirts are just not their cup of tea. Not really because you can opt for a nice well-fitted shirt and tuck it in your skirt. This will beautifully camouflage your broad waist and will make you look great.

High Waist Skirts for Curvy Women – Curves are great and it is time women embrace them wholeheartedly. Women with a lot of curves should never shy away from flaunting them and should dress up the right way to show them off. So, if you have curves, then high waist skirts are the right option for you. If you decide for a Tango skirt, go for one which accentuates the waist, for example a Tango skirt which is colorful but also has a black waist element.

Chunky Belts for the Tall Women – Tall women are a delight because they can experiment their clothes in various ways. The chicks who love to wear Tango skirts can try that out and style it up with chunky belts. Why just chunky ones, you can also opt for intricate belts.

Layered Skirts for Thin Women – You thought that thin women have it all and look good in everything? You guessed it all wrong because whatever they wear, they look extremely skinny and to an extend weak. In that case, to add volume, skinny women should pick layered Tango skirts so that they have the right bounce and flow in their clothes.

What’s the wait for? Check yourself in the mirror, love yourself, flash that smile and head out to shop skirts that will grab all the attention. With the right tips by your side, you are sure to be the next big head turner in all the parties and social events that you attend. People will stare so make it worth their while and don’t forget that your confidence is your best friend.

Katharina J