Swirling in the right Tango skirt

Tango dresses are elegantly feminine that can be worn on any occasion and by anybody belonging to any age. Match classy skirts with fashionable tops in elegant styles. The finest stretch fabrics are used for designing these dresses to give them a great amount of style and feel.

Summer Tango wears come in the most attractive designs. Pick yours!

Summer Tango wears come in the most attractive designs. Pick yours!

What to keep in mind when choosing a tango dress?

Be discreet while choosing your tango dress. Shopping becomes easy when you know what you are looking for. Wear a dress that fits and flatters your figure and learn how to pick the best style for you. If you are apple shaped, pick styles that hang away from your body and conceal any problem areas. If you have an hourglass shape, then show your curves and emphasise your waistline. For those with a pear shaped body, where you carry weight on hips and thighs, but have a trim waist and shapely shoulders, a full-length skirt with sleeveless prom style top will suit you well and make you look chic.

Sizzling summer styles in tango skirts

This summer finds the most attractive selections of handmade tango skirts that add elegance and comfort to your everyday life. Don't restrict fashionable dressing to just dancing, but make your summers look colourful and vibrant as you pick some chosen pieces from Coleccion Berlin. Select a red floral skirt with slit and match it with light monotone tops for daytime. A dramatic look with a dark colour, sequined or open back, daringly styled top, will work flawlessly for the evening. The best part of the skirt is that it is perfect for dancing for both day and night. The comfortable stretch fabric is available in all sizes, so you can pick one for yourself. You could also decide on a COCO flow skirt in floral print. It is a wraparound skirt that adds remarkable grace with a bow on the side. You can adjust the overlap of the waist to match your size. The fabric has a great fall and flows well with your dance moves.

Your dress has to be comfortable to impart maximum style. Be simple and elegant, the stretch fabric in skirts adds sensuality to your dance. Know your figure and understand your style to get the best out of your dress. When you dress it should look that your clothes are specially tailored for you!

Katharina J