Swing in Delightful Red Floral Fabric

Dressing up for a social event is a lot of fun. If the event is as special as a tango dance event, then careful selection of dress and accessories becomes a celebration. Your efforts are focused on making you look beautiful and if that part is accomplished your confidence and panache on the dancefloor will grow by threefold. But now your toils of choosing the right dress have been eased with Coleccion Berlin. Find the finest selection of tango fashion ware to match every occasion, style and size.

Red floral tango skirt by Colección Berlin

Red floral tango skirt by Colección Berlin

Why you should choose a floral print?

Looking for a tango outfit for an evening event? Take a look at our slit skirts in floral prints. There is not just one of its kind. Available in many feminine floral print fabrics the comfortable stretch material cascades down your hips like a flowing stream. The slit on the left leg adds extra charm to the skirt which flows softly with your dance moves. What more could you ask for? You can combine this beautiful and snazzy wear with either an open back top in classic black or a Carmen top. Both have a high neckline at the front which is perfect for extra support and comfortable to dance in. Chose the top that you feel good in. All of the fabrics will adapt to your dance moves, they stretch well and dry quickly - essential for dancers who dance all night long. Matched with a flowing skirt this ensemble will create the desired effect that you had always wanted in a playful tango. So go ahead, make your choice!

Creating the right impact

Matching the dress with the right makeup will complete your look for the awaited event. Since Tango is a passionate dance form you may allow yourself to be more creative while planning your look. You can adopt a striking hairdo and elegant makeup to stand out at a milonga or tango ball. Experts suggest that a tight hair updo is a good choice as there will be no hair flying around your face when you dance. Make sure to use enough hairspray so your look will last for hours. For evening the makeup should be one that creates the right look for the night even in a low-lit room. Once your are styled, pick your favorite pair of tango shoes to go with your look. Now you are ready to dance the night away!

Katharina J