Style Up With the Different Types of Argentine Tango Dresses

Whenever I listen to an Argentine Tango song my senses tingle, my heart races, my feet start tapping. A sudden excitement envelopes my senses and even if I don’t know anything about tango, I start swaying to the beat.

Such is the Tango- a vibrant and playful dance form between two adults that lures you to move your body even if you don’t know how to dance. It’s one of the most expressive dance forms that delights the audience. The connection between the partners is portrayed explicitly through their body postures, movements and expressions.

Just like any other dance form, the costumes for both the partners, especially the woman, plays an important role in making this dance as mesmerizing as it is. I’m sure when you watch Tango dancers you gaze in awe of the beauty of the dance and your eyes also catch a glimpse of the attire worn by the dancers. For women who stare at the dress worn by the female partner in the dance, buying one could relax their fashion exuberance as well. Well, yes, you could buy a Tango dress even if you have no plans of dancing. You could wear one to look smashing at a party. If you hadn’t known about this before, here is a list of Tango dresses to help you choose from.

Halter Dress - Do you want to flaunt your collarbone? With this particular dress, you’ll be able to catch all the attention you were looking for. The halter dress dips down perfectly to flaunt your stunning back. Making you look sensuous in all possible ways.

Lace Dress - If you want to look classy and yet tease your admirers then this is the right choice for you. Lace elements in a dress do not reveal your body fully; rather it allows your skin to unveil itself in a subtle way. Showing some and leaving most to the imagination! The decent length of this dress also adds grace to your dance moves. Available in beautiful red, this dress is the right choice for a special evening.

Stretch Velvet Dress - If you are planning to look bold and beautiful, pick a stretch velvet dress. One of the most popular dresses among the Argentine Tango dancers, it is the perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. The soft fabric with its glamorous sheen is smooth and pleasant to touch, making the dress exquisite in all true senses .

However, it is right to mention that a Tango dress would be incomplete without proper Tango shoes and accessories. So, if you want to explore your gorgeousness then choose one outfit from the above-mentioned dresses. There are e-commerce sites that have made Argentine Tango dresses available online. One of such sites is that of Coleccion Berlin. Visit them and get truly amazed at the exquisite collection they have. All you need to know is your type and get ready to enjoy the glaring eyes at the party. Look beautiful because you’re worth all the attention.

Katharina J