Prints that Tango Day and Night

Colour is the biggest source of joy in any dress. Vibrant shades can be mood changers. Exotic floral motifs are a direct influence from the East and inspire decorative motifs. Soft floral prints, exotic patterns, animal prints and batik prints are very popular. Designers go for a global mix to address a global fashion audience. There are few women in this world that can resist the charm of flowers. For the passionate dance of tango, the impact of floral prints on dance wear plays a very important role. Ornate floral details add a feminine and sometimes seductive touch to the garments. They add charm to the dancers and the dance itself. The use of floral prints in tango skirts, dresses and topsis fascinating. This is an age-old favourite and is much loved in fashion echelons even today. However, the evolution in floral designs has been incredible. Be it spring, summer, autumn or winter, floral fashion is evidently a timeless trend and will always be in style. 

Experiencing Prints

Coleccion Berlin intrepidly experiments with differently styled exotic prints because they are in trend and always will be. Take a look at the big choice of garments that appear in the most striking prints. The prints are well suited for every occasion. You can pick a design for any time of the day. The collection is so varied that you will be left completely spoilt for choice. From the most vibrant reds, greens, blues and black to softer mauves and pastels, the colours are adapted to your style, mood and the season. You may look for a playful riot of colours for spring and summer, while soft, warm shades are perfect for autumn and more festive clothing for Christmas time and New Year’s Eve.

Matching Prints with Styles

It is the job of a designer to recognise the scheme of colours and their changing pattern that match with your mood and style. The spring/ summer dresses are essentially more flowery and catch the playful mood that you wish to be spotted in. The autumn mood is often more romantic touching on the more seductive you, while winters bring out the warmth of your personality and the season of winter balls and festive partying. Follow the fine cuts and learn how the fabrics have been used to bring out the maximum impact with their prints. Colección Berlin's dancewear is handmade with love. The fabrics are specially tested and chosen for the dance floor. A lovely choice of prints and styles are waiting for you at Colección Berlin.

Katharina J