Popular Argentine Tango Dance Dresses for the EMBRACE Tango Festival in Berlin!

All you Tango lovers, it is that time of the year again. Put on your Tango dress and your favorite dance shoes to dance the night away. The “EMBRACE Tango Festival” in Berlin will be held from 30 May - 5 June 2017. You can join the festival for 7 days of Tango dance. Get in the groove round-the-clock. There are 30 and more milongas, Tango cafés, practicas, workshops, after-work milongas, tango nights and after-hours to participate in. Hosted jointly by dancers, organizers, DJs, schools, teachers, musicians and artists, the aim of this festival is “7 DAYS FULL OF TANGO!”

tango dance dresses

Tango is the most passionate dance known to man. What makes this dance even more alluring is the fact that the dancers wearing Tango dance dresses set the floor on fire. Argentine Tango dresses are unique and different from the regular dresses. They come in interesting designs with attractive style, with slits for easy movement on the floor and beautiful back openings. EMBRACE Tango is a great reason to go shopping for the right dress. To make your dreams come true, Colección Berlin will be selling Argentine Tango dresses from their atelier in central Berlin.

Popular Argentine Tango Dance Dresses to Try

There are so many alluring and elegant Tango dance dresses that you can take your pick from. Following are some of the styles that you can try out:

Olivia Classic Black Dress with Lace Detail: Made out of 92% Polyester, 8% Elastane, this dress has a lace detail at the back with an elegant cut. The dress comes with a slit and can be worn with a regular bra which makes it all the more comfortable to dance it while the design is among the most beautiful classics of Tango dresses.

Maria Dress in Lilac with Black Lace Band: If you wish to flaunt your beautifully toned legs while you tango to glory, then this lilac dress is perfect for the occasion. You can take off the lace band if you don’t wish to wear it and can style the dress with other accessories.

Custom-Made Dress in Any Fabric, Cut and Size: To look completely different from everyone participating in the EMBRACE Tango Festival in Berlin, opt for a custom-made dress in any material and any style. Share your designs with Colección Berlin and they will get the particular dress made for you.

PS: To participate in the EMBRACE Tango Festival registration is not required! Registration is required only for workshops and classes.

Katharina J