How to Complement Tango Dresses with Makeup

“Oh, my my! What a beauty on the TV”, exclaimed a girl watching a Tango dance show. Well, this is the most common way to react when watching ravishing beauties performing on Tango dance shows. The glamor with which Tango dancers hold themselves is indeed a treat to the eyes. So, what makes them look so gorgeous? Well, first is the lovely Tango dresses they wear, second, is the dazzling accessories and last but not the least the stunning makeup that accentuates a woman’s beauty to its best.

Now, we all know that makeup plays an integral part in a woman’s beauty. And for Tango dancers, makeup holds an essential place in highlighting the expressions and beauty of the dancers. Have you ever seen a non-glamorous Tango dancer? I’m sure none of you have ever experienced such situations. Tango is a charming dance form that has set a high standard with alluring attires, elegant makeup and stylish accessories. To know more about my top makeup tips, keep reading below:

Get the base right - Now this is the foundation of any makeup. If you don’t get the base makeup right, then whatever you do, you’ll not be able to achieve the look that you’re looking for. So, choose the foundation matching with your skin tone carefully and apply it equally to your face, neck and shoulders.

Kill with the eyes - For all the performers, eyes play a major role to catch attention. So, focus on the eye makeup properly. Start with the eyebrow then gradually move to the inner corner of the eyes drawing a winged eye with an eyeliner. If you like highlight the eyes with a smoky eye shadow and, most importantly, use good, strong mascara to look elegant.

Highlight the collarbone - It is always a good idea to emphasize the collarbone to give character and class to your face. But make sure to not overdo it. If you are not dancing a show yourself, it should not be as dramatic as stage makeup.

Add a tinge of rosy cheeks - Who doesn’t like to have rosy cheeks? But, applying blusher is an art which very few tend to know. So, when you want rosy cheeks you should go the pro way while applying the blusher. So, smile when you apply the blusher and brush it downwards till the jaws. And that’s how you get a rosy cheek!

Pep up the lips - After eyes, comes the lips that help to make you look spectacular. So, choose the right shade of lipstick that will suit your face tone and be ‘pout-ready’! But, never go for a glossy lipstick if you’re darkening your eyes. Try to find balance.

If you follow the above-mentioned makeup tips then you will never miss a compliment at a party. So, choose a chic Tango dress, do the makeup right and get ready to dance. If you don’t have a Tango dress, then it’s time to order Tango dresses online now!

Katharina J