How to Choose an Argentine Tango Dress for Your Body Type

The Tango fashion has created a hullabaloo all over the world for its uniqueness and jazz. As a women I look forward to trying out this fashion. And why not try a dress that will accentuate your beauty? Now, one question can pop up in your mind, ‘will a Tango dress suit me’? Well, to answer this question it is important to know your body type. Moreover, it makes the selection of the dress easy. I’m sure you’ll not wear something just for the sake of it? Obviously, your dress should suit you and make you comfortable, and then it will also be a treat for all the eyes at the party. So, here is how to choose your Tango dress according to your body type. Keep reading below, to know more:

Fitting - I’m sure all look forward to appearing their best at any party. So, the first and foremost thing that you need to consider is the fitting of the attire. Now, if you’re plump, you should always opt for slender Argentine Tango dresses with A-line cut and maybe even an asymmetrical hemline or an elegant slit that makes you look slim. On the other hand, if you’re really slim, then you can grab a Latin American Tango dress with extra volume. Sometimes color can do the trick or a double layer of fabric. So, know your body type and be sure of the fitting to look ravishing.


Texture - Generally, Tango dresses of different types – georgette fabric is used as well as velvet and stretchable material that takes the shape of your body. Now, an Argentine Tango dress is made of stretchable material. Don’t chose a dress in thin fabric if you prefer to camouflage some areas of your body. Better to then chose either double layers of flowing stretchable fabric or to go for thicker fabrics which cover well and will do the trick.

Color - Color is one of the predominant factors that have the potential to complement as well as degrade a look if not chosen properly. Now, we all know that black is the color that makes anyone look slimmer. But it hasn’t got to be black always. Check out colors like burgundy, emerald green and navy blue if you look for a slender and classy look. A dark violet is also worth giving a try. If you feel like pastels, go for it but make sure the fabric is not see-through if you don’t want it to be. Best test all dresses in front of your mirror in bright daylight.

I’m sure you’ve now got a clear understanding of what to wear and which points to keep in mind when shopping for your perfect Tango dress. I will suggest you try the dress in good light before purchasing it. Once you buy yourself a Tango dress that suits you well, then get ready to enjoy all the glaring eyes at the party.

Katharina J