Find the Perfect Dress for the Perfect Occasion

It was very recently that my friend introduced me to the Coleccion Berlin website. I was hunting for some tango dress needed for private tango dance presentation in Buenos Aires and so far I wasn't getting the exact drape that I was looking for. Much to my satisfaction, this site was a blessing. Each of the dresses displayed were winners and I imagined that they would look perfect on me. However, there was one that I fell for. Just as I was browsing through the features, Katharina, the founder of the company, tapped me on the messenger inquiring what I was looking for. I told her that I loved all the dresses and wished I could buy all of them. She was very helpful and made sure that I would select the right size for my measurements. She also pointed out that the fabrics used for the collection are wrinkle-free and therefore great travel companions.

LUCERO exotic print dress

The new exotic print dress was indeed exotic. The stunning print would suit the dance that I had planned. The cut was just perfect to accentuate my curves and would look very elegant with the lucid movements and steps. The dress mostly revealed the back which is great for tango shows. The thin straps crossing the back added grace to the frock. The dress tightly held with straps had a delicate round neck, the fabric cascaded down till just below the knee. This would give a better swing to the dance while I take circles and flights. The classic slit at the side would be perfect to show off my legs and to make my dance moves look graceful. A quick check on the size table gave me an idea on what I should ask for while placing the order. The dress was for an unbelievable €120.00. The fabric seemed light and comfortable to wear even at locations without air conditioning. It was also easy to wash and dry. I placed my order.

CLARA reversible Tango skirt with slit

CLARA skirt - two skirts in one!

CLARA skirt - two skirts in one!

There was also a skirt that really caught my eyes. It was the red reversible red and black skirt! The colour was dazzling red and the the black silhouette if worn on the other side was indeed flattering. Its beautiful shape held tightly from the waist. The stitch cleverly met at the midriff and moved down the legs parting in a sexy split tastefully revealing the legs. The side stitches were so carefully planned that they elegantly held the contours from the waist to the knee giving it a full view. I could imagine how a fast dance would take off with this skirt on me. The best part about this skirt was it was reversible and I could wear it for another occasion. The reverse black side was nothing short of dramatic. The shape was the same. But the black colour was piped with a red waist band. The skirt fell beautifully till knee length. The shirt was of the same stretch material as the dress I had seen. The stylish fabric looked as if they were playing with the soft curves of the model. The length of the skirt revealed the legs and seemed perfect to show off some graceful dance moves.

I also bought two tops from the site and completed my buy. The Coleccion Berlin site is highly recommended and not just for tango dancers. These dressed are for any occasion.

Katharina J