Dress Designs that Make Curvy Women Look Slim

Can women ever have enough of dresses? Be it office gatherings, social outings or parties with friends, women just love to wear dresses. In fact, ask any woman and she would say that she waits for an opportunity to come her way where she can wear a nice dress. The main reason women wish to slim down is probably because they want to slip into one of their favorite dresses. Curvy women who have a strong love for dresses often feel deprived because their figure might not allow them to wear some dress designs they adore.

Flow dresses are great for curvy women... 

Flow dresses are great for curvy women... 

But here comes good news for all the curvy women out there. A little bit of tactful dressing is all that you need to look slim. The right designs, cuts and prints help you to to look elegant and grab all the attention for the right reasons. Let us check out the dress designs and types that will make you look fabulous.

Peplum Dresses – A peplum dress is just the right fashion statement you need to make to look fabulous. In fact, a peplum dress for Tango dance is just the perfect way to flaunt your dance moves without looking fat. Peplum frills just near the waist help you to effortlessly hide your tummy and look sensuous.

Stripe Dresses – Try on stripe dresses to look slim and fabulous. You don’t need to select big stripes, small ones will also do. However, never make the mistake of opting for a horizontal stripe dress because that will end up making you look heavier. Vertical stripe dresses with stilettos is the combination you should try on for your next party.

Wrap Around Dresses – We have all heard of wrap around skirts but now is the time for the wrap around dresses to help you look svelte. A wrap around dress adds a layer just near your tummy. Wrap around dresses also do not stick to your body allowing you to camouflage well.

Print Dresses – Dresses with smart prints are a must buy for all the women. It does a miraculous job at making you look tall and slim. Chose the colors you like. Flower prints can look feminine and very sexy at the same time. Experiment with bigger prints and those which only cover part of the dress. Lighter prints are usually for springtime and summer whereas darker tones are perfect for winter. Prints are indeed very flattering.

These dresses, when accessorized well, are just the right way to look stunning during celebrations. Who wouldn’t like to be the center of attention amidst all the glitz and glamor in a party? Now that the New Year is round the corner, make the most of this festive season and turn on the heat.

Katharina J