Different Types of Tango Dresses for Varied Tango Dance Styles

The Tango dance is one of the most popular dance forms all over Argentina and other parts of the world. No wonder, it is such an awe-inspiring dance style among both dancers and dance lovers. Dancing Tango requires two passionate dancers willing to exhibit excellent coordination and dancing exuberance for the audience. Yes, that’s what Tango is all about. The Tango has charmed the dancers and fashionistas alike.

An intense dance like Tango is incomplete without the perfect Tango clothing. Without proper clothing, the Tango wouldn’t have been have as much fun for dance lovers around the globe. Keep reading below to know the different style of Tango and the types of Tango dresses for each:

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Salon style Tango and Milonguero-Style Tango - One of the most popular styles of Tango is the Salon style where dancers usually dance in an upright body posture. This style requires the dancers to get really close with their partners, so, the attire they wear during the dance must be well chosen. In this particular style, a fitted top works well as well as side and black slit skirts. It is important to chose an outfit which allows free movement of the legs and does not have too much volume to dance closely. Another popular Tango style that requires the dancers to dance in a leaning position is the Milonguero Style. For this style of Tango, clothing can be choose according to the same rules which work for Salon style Tango. For both styles Tango tops and dresses should be well-fitted at the chest so they will not slip down easily. A dress which is fitted at the chest and flows well from the waist down is a popular, exquisite and elegant for Tango dancing.

Tango Nuevo - These days, this particular dance form is termed as the ‘New Tango’. This involves the dancers to dance with their partners by embracing each other in a way that allows them to dance with quite a lot of space between them at times. So, for Tango Nuevo, any stylish Tango dress that allows free movement would be suitable. Styles worn for this Tango dance form are generally less traditional.

The Tango dance styles are many and so are the Tango dresses. For suitable Argentine Tango clothing, contact Coleccion Berlin, the industry experts in selling Tango dresses online. Start shopping now!

Katharina J