Different Looks to Opt for When Wearing a Tango dress

For those of you who thought that money can buy everything, it is time to break away from this myth. Well, money can surely buy you the best of clothes but it sure cannot buy you style and class. Fashion is all about the style and the class you exude in whatever you wear. You can easily afford and buy the most expensive clothes and shoes but that does not necessarily imply that you will look like a million bucks. The solution for this problem is to understand your own style and work around that. Your sense of fashion could be as simple as slipping into a dress and making the entire look effortless. It could even be a nice pair of well-fitted jeans and a white tee. So, always remember that it is never the clothes but always the confidence with which you carry them off.

Try out something different... 

Try out something different... 

If your idea of fashion is ‘simple’ dresses, then you are in for a ball. The reason being, with dresses you can experiment a lot. If one day you decide to give yourself a dainty look, then the other day you can opt for the grunge look and the day after take the boho route. Interestingly, to get all the looks right all you need is a well-fitted Tango dress. Let us figure out the different ways in which you can style Tango dresses.

The Bohemian Look – For all the wanderlust boho chicks at heart, styling your favorite Tango dress to get the boho look right is the best thing that can happen to you. A long chain, a pair of quirky shades and a flower wreath headwear are all you need.

The Grunge Look – For all of you who thought a dark lip color is all that you need for the grunge look, think again. The clothes and accessories also play a major role. The right Tango dress paired with jet black stockings and boots. Throw around your boyfriend’s biker jacket for the extra edge.

The Fusion Look – Who would have thought that the Tango dress can be styled up to give that perfect fusion look? Well, we tell you how. The right ethnic shoes along with bangles and the right dangler earrings are all that you need to introduce the right Indo-Western look for the casual movie date.

The Dainty Look – For women who do not like to experiment much with their looks, the Tango dress is the best option for that perfect dainty look. But always remember pink is not the only go-to color for that dainty look. Try other colors like blue, beige, yellow and orange as well.

The High Street Fashion Look – This form of fashion is for the classy bunch of women who swear by brands and love to experiment with their clothes. With your best Tango dress wear the right pair of stilettos, a nice long coat, carry a perfect clutch and keep the accessories minimal.

Now all you need to do is look like a vision every time you step out of your home but without having to actually pay that much. Isn’t that every girl’s dream? So, the wait for the sales to hit the clothes store with hawk-eyed keenness is finally over. You can buy the best dresses online and accessorize well to put your best fashion foot forward.

Katharina J