Coleccion Berlin showcases exclusive Tango fashion at the Trasnochando Festival in Berlin

It’s time to do the Tango at one of the most popular festivals in Berlin! So, keep your dance shoes ready because you will be busy dancing all weekend soon. Trasnochando Festival is one of the most fashionable and exciting dance festivals that host a number of events from April 13 to 17 this year. An event stretching for 5 days and nights is ultimate bliss for dancers from all over the world. And moreover, Trasnochando Festival is open to all dancers with no barriers in age, nationality or gender. So, come and explore the world of Tango here!

If you’ve seen the most famous show dancers only on the silver screen, then Trasnochando Festival is an event where you’ll encounter the celebrity dancers and a great opportunity to take classes with them. Surprised? Well, don’t be, because world-renowned Tango Salon maestro couples, Stefania Colina, Juan Martin Carrara, Cristina Sosa and Daniel Nacucchio will be a part of the festival. This is not all, as we know that a dance festival is incomplete without music. And for this, experienced international Tango DJs will add their musical charm and ensure entertaining nights for all the Tango lovers. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now!

But, wait, have you thought about which gorgeous Tango dress to bring home from the event? Well, don’t rack your brains, because Colección Berlin is there to quench your thirst for some extravagant fashion. Yes, so just hop in and get spoilt for choice with their wide range of Tango dresses, skirts and tops. A live stand will be present at the event catering to all the Tango fashion lovers. It will display classy elegant apparels like lace skirts, back slit skirts, flow skirts, draped dresses, halter neck tops, crop tops and much more. There will be a variety that will be hard to resist and I’m sure no one will leave the event without getting fashionable apparels for themselves.

So, mark the date for one of the most glamorous events of your life. You’ll not only meet prominent personalities but also land up with an opportunity to explore the world of Tango fashion. So, are you ready for some non-stop fun, frolic, Tango and last but not the least the lustrous fashion that beckons all the fashionistas around the world? Well, the countdown has already started. See you soon at the festival with lots of glitz and glamor!

Luxurious velvet tango outfit!

Luxurious velvet tango outfit!

Katharina J