Clothes Appropriate for Argentine Tango

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel

If you want to look different then nothing can be more apt than the unique Argentine Tango fashion. We all like experimenting with the latest fashion that’s available in the industry. Don’t we? I’m sure none will disagree with the above-quoted lines said by Coco Chanel.  There are innumerable fashion lines which have been adapted by the mass in order to be a part of the latest trend. But, do you think you’re really standing out in the crowd by sporting whatever is in at the moment? Well, with Argentine Tango fashion, you’ll be able to attract all the attention that you deserve for your grace and beauty. As we all know Tango is a dance form that is very expressive and it’s complemented with the distinctive Tango clothing line. There isn’t a single girl who doesn’t wish to flaunt the Tango fashion at least once in her lifetime. From the deep back, high slit dresses to short front long back skirts, everything in the Argentine Tango fashion is stylish, attractive and elegant.

A classic short front long back tango skirt!

A classic short front long back tango skirt!

Nowadays, there are many e-commerce sites that have made the Argentine Tango dresses and Argentine Tango skirts available for the fashionistas. And, Coleccion Berlin is one of the leading companies in offering a wide range of exclusive Argentine Tango skirts and Tango dresses. I’ll give you a proper picture of the apparels that define Argentine Tango fashion. Keep reading below:

Short Front Long Back Skirt - This skirt is very popular among Argentine Tango dancers for its fitting, its texture and its style. The extra long fabric at the back adds flow and moves perfectly when turning. The free movement is made easy because the hemline is around the knee in the front. It’s present in floral and feather prints. And for all the single color lovers, you have the ease of showing off this particular style as it’s available in mono colors as well.

Side Slit A-line Skirt - Are you worried about your plump body? Well, with this particular skirt you can keep your worries at bay. The stylish A-line cut trims down your body weight visually and the high slit at the side adds a slinky factor to the entire attire. So, what are you waiting for? Deck up in this Tango skirt and be the show stopper at the party.

A-line Back Deep Dress - Yes, show that desirable back of yours girl! This is for those who believe in baring the back; get this Argentine Tango dress for your wardrobe now. This dress is designed implicitly with a deep back cut and single straps which stylize a woman to perfection. The decent length of the dress makes you look elegantly beautiful.

The above-mentioned dresses are some of the signature fashion of Argentine Tango. If you love to exhibit new looks and fashion, then you should be a part of this fashion trail now. Make your mind, start searching and order the one that appeals your eyes at a glance. And with this, I wish you happy shopping, beautiful, because you’re worth all the eyes.

Katharina J