Choosing the Perfect Tango Top

You may have a dozen sexy, flattering tango skirts in your wardrobe--but what will you wear with them? Although there are countless beautiful tango skirts available, the tango top is often neglected. What makes a good tango top, and how can you find something that will do justice to your gorgeous skirts?

Go for comfortable and sexy tops...

Go for comfortable and sexy tops...

Choose Something That Feels Sexy

Argentine tango is an incredibly sensuous dance, and it's important to feel like your sexiest self so that you can bring that feel to your movements. This means that depending on what makes you feel sexy, your perfect top may be quite different from another woman's. Do you like to show cleavage, or do you prefer a high neckline that clings to your curves? Does baring your back make you feel like a goddess? Do you feel gorgeous when you show your belly or do you prefer to hide it? Answering these questions will help you decide what your perfect tango top should look like.

Keep the Straps Tight

If you have straps instead of sleeves, make sure that they fit your shoulders snugly. Loose straps will slip while you're dancing. You may want to go for sleeves or a halter top rather than straps in order to make sure they aren't constantly sliding down your arms.

The good news is that if you've fallen madly in love with a loose, strappy tango top, it's a cinch to convert it to a halter top. Just cut the straps at your back and tie them behind your neck, making sure that the knot is tight enough to stay in place during your dance!

Tone Down the Decorations

If you're planning to actually dance in your tango outfit, be careful of choosing a top with too many rhinestones, beads and other decorations. Although they're beautiful and flashy, your partner will be holding you close when you dance, and you don't want large ornaments that will dig uncomfortably into his arms and chest. If you're madly in love with sparkles, try sequined skirts instead of sequined tops, which make your top dazzling without having any parts that will poke your partner.

Think Of Your Own Complexion

Although you can go wild with the color and pattern of your tango skirt, your top will be close to your face, which means you need to choose something that flatters your own coloring as well as the skirt. The tango usually summons images of brilliant jewel tones or rich, deep blacks, but if you have a soft complexion, the top will look like it's wearing you. A muted red or purple on a woman with a soft, fresh complexion will look every bit as striking as a bold color on a woman with brighter coloring. Think of how the top will look on you, not how it looks on the clothes hanger.

A perfect tango skirt is only the beginning. Finding the top that matches it beautifully will bring your gorgeous, sensuous outfit to life and will ensure that you're turning heads whether you wear it on the dance floor or just for a night out.

Katharina J