Buy less, choose well!

Buy less, choose well.
— Vivienne Westwood

Well, the above-quoted line said by one of the biggest fashion icons of the world has etched an effect on us. Being a woman and a fashion lover I always want to flaunt different styles that will enhance my beauty but I also want to chose well so I get the garments that I really adore. And Tango fashion is a unique style showcased by awesome Tango dancers and fashionistas around the globe. With every season, comes a fresh stock of alluring designs that compel a woman to exhibit the fashion as early as possible. Which ones should we go for? How to choose well?

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Now, when spring is here, it’s time to take out those peppy and bold colored Tango dresses from your wardrobe. After the dull winter, the well-loved season of spring brings a ray of freshness in the air. And this is reflected well through Tango dresses, one of the rulers in the fashion industry. If you’re looking for some breath-taking Tango fashion ideas, then keep reading below and get ready to look stunning.

Floral print Tango skirts - Your love for floral will have a clear definition this season with the floral Tango skirts. So, hold your breath and get ready to flaunt some well-fitted floral prints this season. To look ravishing, mix a single color halter neck top with a the skirt and win all the hearts.

Flow skirts with slits - Do you have a special place in your closet for flowing outfits? If yes, then this is the season to take them out and wear them to your heart’s content. The Tango flow skirts with slits look glamorous if you know how to carry them. Choose from a variety of beautiful skirts online.

Block printed skirts and dresses - The block prints are always in fashion. The vibrant colored block printed Tango skirts and dresses are the popular attires in the glamour world. If you have an inclination towards bold and bright prints then exhibit this style right away to be the charmer at the party.

Polka dotted skirts - Polka dots can never go out of fashion. And especially in spring, when girls look for chirpy designs. Polka dots are an all time favorite of those who are skirt-lovers by nature. Pairing these skirts with subtle colored tops would be ideal to look dazzling at a party!

Slit skirts - Do you love slit skirts? Well, slit skirts are one of the best sellers of all time in the glitz and glamor industry. You could pick some to look your chirpy self this season. Perfect for warm, sunny days and long nights of dancing!

Look fresh in the latest trends of the season and choose well. Contact Coleccion Berlin, one of the prominent sellers of Tango dance dresses from Berlin, for the most contemporary styles and designs.

Katharina J