Accessories to Complement Your Argentine Tango Dancewear

Tango – the word itself conjures up images of a sensual dance where both partners are in close embrace and dance to beautiful music. What is the most attractive element of Tango dancing besides the two individuals dancing away to glory? The dress. Isn’t it? The cut, the design, the style, fitting and the final finish – all contributes towards a dress that is hard to resist. It is not necessary to take part in a Tango dance competition to flaunt Argentine Tango dancewear. You can wear it to any other occasion provided you know how to carry it off.

The right set of accessories enhance the charm and appeal of Argentine Tango dancewear. The perfect earring with the right pair of shoes can work wonders for your look. Why restrict yourself to these two accessories only? You can jazz up your style quotient with the right hat, belt, and wristlets. There are so many interesting ways in which you can change your style to make the correct statement every time you step out of your house. Let’s see how you can up your fashion style with these diverse accessories.

Earrings: No matter what you wear, earrings are a must. This becomes your best friend when you are wearing a Tango dress. Go for a platinum hoop or a diamond stud. Nothing big or over the top but something with the right amount of zing to it. Don’t go for danglers because when you will swirl your earrings will swirl too and not be very practical when dancing.


Shoes: Tango involves a lot of feet movement. Hence, it is important to concentrate on shoes that are high on comfort. Even if you are wearing stilettos or professional tango dance shoes, they should be comfortable and be well-fitted to your foot. If you wish to flaunt an edgy look, go for sneakers. However, you need a certain amount of confidence to wear your Tango dress with sneakers.

Hats: They come in so many different shapes and sizes. Pick the one that highlights your face cut and bring out your appeal. Remember, the major reason why we wear accessories is because they help to improve our style quotient. Hats are perfect for a casual Tango style during the day, not for dancing Tango.

Belts: Wearing a belt with a Tango dress is a great idea if the belt is soft enough to allow for movement. So, pick wisely and think about both style and comfort.

Wristlets and rings: Why keep your hands and arms bare? If you are buying wristlets and rings, think of your tango shoes. Matching color or style of your shoes with your jewellery is a beautiful detail which is popular in the Tango dance world.

When you decide to buy Argentine Tango dancewear make sure that you have the right accessories to complement your look.

Katharina J