Use Stylish Hair Accessories for a Complete Tango Look

Stylish hair styles make all the difference... 

Stylish hair styles make all the difference... 

Good hair accessories are essential to beautify your look. If you are eager to get compliments from your acquaintances, just take a seat, get hold of a cup of coffee and enjoy reading this blog. Fashion is universal and everyone has his or her own style of flaunting it. But, whatever it is, there are a few basic accessories that make a woman’s look complete.

Being a woman, getting creative hairstyles done is in itself a good way to adorn yourself. But, how about accessorizing your beautiful hair with stylish hair accessories for a perfect evening? Wearing a chic Tango dress would be suitable for the party, but what will make it even more tantalizing is a fashionable hairdo. Wondering how? Here are some tips!

Bun nets - For your high rise bun, wearing a bun net would add the extra bit to the hairstyle. Usually these bun nets are available in various shades of brown, golden and black. This is because the bun nets take your hair color. So, it has to match up with your hair color that will present a neat look. With a Tango skirt and a halter neck top, tie a top bun and wear a bun net for a classy and elegant look!

Hair flowers - If you’ve a liking for flowers then nothing can be more appealing than full bloom bright flowers to brighten up your look. The Tango style is extremely classy and a pretty flower combined with a bun will just add to the glamour! You can also tie your hair looselyand then accessorize it with some flowers to go for a natural look.

Tiaras and headbands - We all have grown up watching fairy tales where princesses wore gorgeous tiaras. And now, it has become one of the popular fashion statements in the glamor world. With the Tango fashion, tiaras and headbands of various styles are used mostly for costume tango balls which are a lot of fun to dress up for. Take your time to get ready and enjoy the party.

Hair bands - If you plan to just tie your hair in the back, make sure to get some colorful or glittering hair bands. They will add charm to your look and can be matched with your jewelry to create an elegant look.

This is a wake-up call for all the fashion enthusiasts, divas and fashionistas all over the globe. Try the above-mentioned accessories and show off Tango fashion in style. For exclusive Tango clothing, you can get in touch with Coleccion Berlin, the experts in Tango fashion and start shopping now!

Katharina J