Must-Have Jewelery for Tango Dancing

Jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique.
— Jennie Kwan

No woman can feel complete without a single piece of jewelery. I’m sure all the ladies out there will agree with me and of course, with the above-quoted lines by Jennie. Jewelery has the power to accentuate your beauty along with a right outfit. Don’t you feel so? We all have seen how extravagant Tango dancewear is. From watching dance shows on TV to live performances the tango dancers flaunt such beauty with perfect moves and style. Do you think dazzling outfits are enough to create a pleasing impression on the audience? Of course, not! Jewelery also serves the same purpose. Both costumes and jewelery together make you look fabulous.

Tango dancewear can be a halter dress, lace dress, stretch velvet dress and various kinds of skirts with back and side slits. The best part of this fashion is that these dresses are simple yet elegant and leave very small room for jewelery. As the outfit is so gaudy, minimal jewelery at the right place adds an edge to your entire look. Here are some of the must-have jewelery that highlight the beauty of the tango fashion.

Bold Cocktail Ring - We have seen that cocktail rings are style statements for most of the celebrities and fashionistas around the world. Tango dancers include this particular piece of ornament at the top priority. Ladies preferable wear a ring at the left hand which looks stunning in a Tango embrace. It’s simply beautiful to look at. These cocktail rings are available in big and bold designs, simple spiral designs and many more. So, if you don’t have one yet. Buy one for yourself today.

Stylish Stud / Loop - Generally the tango dancers have their hair tied in a bun or some semi-formal hairstyles so that the face looks clear to the audience. And so, their ears are visible that can be adorned with fashionable studs and loops. Have you seen those bold bright-coloured studs that look breathtaking when the dancers perform? Yes, I’m talking about those particular styles that add glamour to the whole attire. Don’t you like it?

Fancy Bracelet - Elegant bracelets can be one of the essential jewellery that adds a chic touch to Tango outfits. Bracelets are perfect for social dancing as well as show dancing. It is a great idea to match them and the chosen dress in style and color. You can try it!

If you’re wondering about why I haven’t mentioned any neckpiece then let me tell you that they are the biggest fashion blunder for a tango costume. You should never wear a necklace or any kind of neck piece that will create an obstacle for you during the performance. So, follow the above-mentioned jewellery and buy accordingly with your matching tango dress. It’s time to look killing. So, get shopping now!

Katharina J