What Clothing Should be Worn to Tango Practice?

Before hitting the dance floor and making a splash at a milonga, it’s important to learn the moves. Individuals spend countless hours practicing, making sure that the footwork along with every movement of the body is perfectly in sync with the music and with their partners. While the outfits on the dance floor have a bit of spicy and exotic appeal, tango clothing for practice is a little bit different.

Clothing that Suits the Movement

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It can be tempting to show up in comfy sweatpants to learn how to tango. And, in the very beginning, when the steps are still unfamiliar, it may be okay to be more laid back in what is worn. However, when the time comes to really start practicing the routines, things change as far as what is appropriate to wear. Tango argentino has very specific steps and movements that an outfit must accommodate. If the goal is to dance out on the floor in a dress that is shorter in the front and longer in the back, practice in something similar. If the dress to wear at a milonga is going to be short and tight, practice in something similar. This ensures that there are no surprises or uncomfortable moments. The transition from practice to truly dancing at a milonga is seamless if you’re wearing the right clothing.

Shoes That Work for the Dance

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Don’t even think about unpacking those tennis shoes for tango practice. It can be tempting to go with something comfortable. But from the very beginning, a dancer needs to know what it feels like to move across the dance floor in heels. Dancing in tango shoes feels very different to making the same moves in tennis shoes or even other types of heels. Instead, practicing in a tango shoes that fit well and are secure will help make things a lot easier when you go out dancing in the evening.

Practice Clothing can be Versatile


Many people are surprised to learn that tango clothing for practice has lots of different uses. Tango clothes come in many beautiful cuts and shapes and many of these dresses and skirts also work for nights out on the town, even if they don’t involve dancing. Some of the designs that are more conservative might be great for work. Others are perfect for dinner out with friends or even a cocktail party. With the right tango clothing, a woman can move from practice to an event without worrying about her attire.

Choose practice clothing for tango dancing that will enhance your overall experience. Pick items that are going to be similar to what you might wear at a milonga or a performance. Make sure you’ve got heels on that can help you with your foot movements. And, if you want these pieces to be for more than practice, choose dresses and skirts that can also be worn to other events. This ensures that you get the most out of your purchase with clothing for more than one occasion.

Katharina J