Should You Venture Out From Tango’s Traditional Black Clothing?

Getting dressed to head out to a milonga means searching for the perfect outfit to tango the night away. While there are lots of options to choose from, many dancers, especially those new to the style, wonder if they should be sticking with the traditions of the past or trying out some of the bright prints that are common today. Dancers are often divided when it comes to what is truly acceptable when it comes to what to wear on the dance floor.

The Look that always works

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Black from head to toe is the easiest way to describe classic tango dance dresses. Every once in a while, a little color may sneak in, but otherwise, it’s the darker side that tends to take over. In fact, tango shoes were traditionally black with a T-strap. Some dancers see this as a way to pay tribute to where the dance comes from, sticking with clothing that blends in with the dance as well as the music. At the same time, most would agree that black tends to be a slimming color and while carrying on this dance in front of a crowd, it can’t help to have a little additional appeal. When the time comes to plan for a night out at a milonga, consider asking others if this is a more conservative milonga or more contemporary styles are acceptable.

The Modern Look

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In recent years, it seems that a splash of color has been thrown over the tango, making it more acceptable to wear a variety of styles out on the dance floor. This isn’t just true for casual gettogethers. Even some who perform professionally have made the transition. Tango dresses have become shorter over time and tango shoe heels higher. In addition to bringing a contemporary look to the dance, it also allows tango dance dresses to be a part of personalizing the dance and the experience. It gives women many more options as they plan a night out. There are many more sellers of tango attire now than there used to be a decade ago. Again, it can’t hurt to ask a friend what other dances are going to wear.

It isn’t just about the dress. With the tango, the shoes are also a big part of the appearance. Right around the time that colors started to make an appearance on the dance floor, shoes also started to change slightly with a sexier appearance with bright, bold colors. However, the fact that the shoes need to be securely fastened on the feet to be able to keep up with the moves hasn’t changed. Just like the dress, the shoes tend to be personal preference.

People disagree when it comes to traditional versus contemporary tango looks. Some want to keep things consistent, keeping black the major component of the outfit. Others are looking to brighten up the dance floor and bring in stronger color and prints to the dance. No matter which way you are leaning, it’s important to chose styles which you are comfortable in. Purchase quality items that make you look and feel great no matter where you go.

Katharina J