How to Choose your Ideal Tango Skirt

You can’t skirt around the beauty of a gorgeous skirt while you’re thinking of draping yourself for that exclusive tango night. Scroll down and explore if you’re looking for a tango skirt but can’t single out the perfect one. We have handpicked some elegant skirts to complement the taste and sensibilities of all types of tango professionals and enthusiasts.

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●      Classic black skirt

A classic example of fine tailoring, this traditionally cut skirt named Paola has already become one of the most favorite picks. Made of a soft and comfortable fabric, this skirt can serve as a perfect companion for those dance-all-night parties. This fabric has a quality feel and the slit at the side will show off your legs every time you make a move.

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●      Reversible leopard skirt


What can be better if you can flaunt the allure of one skirt on two different occasions? Investing in a reversible skirt is always a great idea to get the maximum returns of appreciation. On one side, this reversible skirt is a sublime black skirt and a luxuriant leopard printed skirt on the other. The fine quality fabric with a slit at the back promises breathable comfort and pliability.

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●      Reversible winter floral skirt

Jet from day to night by flaunting your feminine chic at one time and classy sass at another. The multicolored abstract print can be marked as a bold debonair statement while the black side can be teamed up with any top you choose.  Grab this amazing pick before it runs off the shelves.

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●      Reversible red skirt


To get back-to-back complementary shots of elegance and passion, red and black will top the list. This skirt doubles your fashion flair while you get into the groove of Tango tunes. Wear it on the red or black side - it’s your choice. Reversible skirts are a hot favorite amongst the buyers. If you are a tango-dancing traveler, this is the right skirt for you. 

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 ●      Red floral skirt

Do it the Argentine way with this bold floral printed red skirt. Tailored to perfection keeping the passionate tango dancers in mind, this skirt will never disappoint you on your special performance night. Team it with a black sleeveless top and shimmery black tango shoes to get that ultimate tango dancer look.

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●      Multicolored abstract print skirt

If monochrome is not your thing then this multicolored abstract print skirt is a perfect choice for you. Tailored to add a dramatic twist to your moves, this can be a delightful pick to steal the limelight. Tag it with good tango heels and a sassy stretchable unicolor top to complete the look.   

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●      Reversible silver skirt


A cool metallic color that is always ideal for making an impressive style statement on the dance floor. Featuring a unique mix of black on one side and silver on the other, this reversible two-in-one skirt exudes elegance and sublimity. 

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Katharina J