10 Things to Look for in Good Tango Attire

Tango dancers work their fingers to the bone to ace their moves. Hence, apart from their movements, they should choose suitable tango attire to feel good on the dancefloor. But before you pick out your ideal tango dress, read below to find out which points you should consider when you shop tango dancewear.


1. Check out the quality of the fabric. A good quality tango dress will be made of materials that stretch well and complement with your ever changing dance moves. Make sure it serves as a second skin so that you can concentrate on your dance moves while staying comfortable.

2. If you wear a gorgeous tight fitting dress and find it difficult to turn your body while dancing, then that dress is definitely a bad choice. Buy an A-line or an asymmetrical dress that not only accentuates your body but also helps you ease your movements.

3. Buy a knee-length dress or a skirt that highlights your legs. If longer than knee-length, they might be difficult to dance in without getting tangled up. A-line, halter neck and asymmetrical styles make a good tango dress. It will be better if you could try some dance movements in front of a full-length mirror and ease yourself before going out on the dancefloor.

4. Be attentive about the necklines when you buy a tango top or a dress. Check out how much the neckline is going to move when you dance. Try it out before, maybe even wear it for a training class if you are unsure how it is going to work for you on the dancefloor. Neckholder, one-shoulder, and halter neck are some of the necklines that enhance the chic side of the dancer and are popular among dancers worldwide.

5. Have a good look at the back of the dress or top you fancy. V shape, open, deep open, and many other asymmetrical back cuts are coming to the fore and adding to the allure of the tango fashion flair.

6. Color is another important factor that determines the dressing sense of a tango professional. You can never go wrong with the black and red combo, and different shades of blue, black, and red. The same goes for the top if you wish to team it up with a contrasting skirt.

7. If you’re a multicolor person, then there are a host of abstract printed dresses and tops. Make sure the clothing is not too gaudy as subtlety is appreciated in the tango fashion circuit.

8. Choose your undergarment according to the dress you wear. Never go for a strapless bra if you need extra support.

9. To complete the look, you should team up your tango outfit with tango shoes for the occasion. Make sure the shoes sit tight and wear them for training before taking them for all night dancing.

10. Last but not the least; don’t deck yourself with too much makeup or accessories. Keep it subtle and fashionably chic.

So if you’re a boho fashionista and a professional tango dancer who is looking for a perfect pick then you can take your cue from Colección Berlin. Choose from a wide range of tango dresses, skirts, and tops and add a dramatic twist to your moves.

Katharina J