Balancing Out a Sexy Look for Dancing Tango

Everyone dancing tango wants to look and feel great. When these two things are combined, the experience is magical. While the sensuality of tango dancing seems obvious, it’s important to find the balance between dressing with a little bit of allure and still wearing something that is appropriate as you move on the dance floor. It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean that you need to look for something that provides full coverage.

The Skirt

coleccion berlin tango skirt.jpg

There is no real dress code when it comes to a tango skirt. Many women gravitate to the flowing dresses that seem to leave ripples in the air as they move around the dance floor. Others find skirts that are much shorter but can still keep up with the moves and the pace of the dance. It’s important to make sure that the skirt, its length, level of fit and its flow doesn’t distract from the dance. While it’s okay to near the line of being sexy, when it takes away from the moves and from your partner, it might be time to rethink the choice.

The Top

Tango tops often have cutouts and designs that reveal certain parts of the chest and back. Even though daring dips down the middle in the front or the back can bring something special to the look, the dance dresses that look as though they are barely holding on or those that at any minute seem as though they could slide down to the waist aren’t going to do the dancer, her partner or the audience any good. This is the time to find balance. Look for tops that match the essence of your tango performance without going overboard and becoming more of a distraction.

The Arguments

There are those on both sides of the coin who struggle with placing parameters on tango apparel. It can seem odd to call to task those who have on something sexy as part of a dance that absolutely oozes sexuality. Some believe that there is no line that can be drawn and no need to find balance. Instead, anything goes when on the dance floor.

coleccion berlin tango skirt.jpg

Those who do make mention of a tango skirt being too short or a top being too revealing often come from the same place. Many state that to dress in an overly revealing way takes away from the partner’s performance and also takes away from the dance itself. In some circles, just making mention of this issue can lead to an argument.

In reality, the dancer has the final say in what she feels comfortable in. Dancewear should boost confidence and go with the dance moves, not hinder them. It’s important to consider what works best for the dance, the partner, and in some cases, the audience. Sometimes, finding the perfect balance means creating an ideal experience for everyone involved. There is a way to look sexy without going over the top.

Katharina J