Dancing Tango: Practice vs. Performance Dancewear

No matter what type of sport or dance you enjoy, the clothing for practice often varies slightly from what is worn for a performance. When learning something new, it’s more important to be comfortable. However, practice clothing eventually becomes more of a casual version of performance dancewear. If you are planning to perform, you will want to practice in a skirt or dress and tango shoes, giving you a better idea of what it will feel like out on the dance floor.

Tango Skirts and Dresses

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At their first lesson, many women come in comfortable clothing that may not even include a skirt. Because they aren’t familiar with the dance and the movement, they might not quite understand how the flow of the dress blends in with the flow of the dance moves. Leggings or even yoga pants are common for those who are just learning.

However, soon it becomes important to have some type of skirt or dress for practicing. This helps a dancer to become comfortable with the way the skirt moves as she moves and can give her a better idea of what it will be like during a performance. As the type of outfit being worn for a performance is selected, it’s a good idea to find something similar to practice in. This can prevent unforeseen problems during a dance presentation.

Even if no dance performance is planned for now, it is best to try out any new dancewear on the dance floor when practicing before wearing it a dance event. This helps to feel comfortable in new outfits which then quickly become favorites.

Tango Shoes

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Not everyone comes to their first dance lesson in heels. Many women may have concerns about how they are going to dance in these types of shoes and are hesitant to put them on until they are more comfortable with the steps and movements. It’s important when starting to have comfortable shoes that aren’t going to move or slip during class.

At some point, the transition should be made to heels. Much like practicing in tango dancewear that is similar to what will be worn at a performance, it’s important to feel comfortable dancing in the heels long before making the way to the dance floor. Most tango shoes will have a strap or straps across the top of the foot and around the ankles to keep the shoe securely in place. Choose shoes that allow you to pivot on the balls of your feet with some flexibility to allow for different foot movements.

If you’re headed out for your first dance lesson, being dressed in the perfect tango clothing isn’t important. Get a feel for the movements, dancing with a partner, and tango music. If you plan on pursuing tango and are planning to perform, take your time to find clothing to practice in that simulates tango performance wear. Find a skirt or dress that gives you plenty of room for movement. Choose heels that are going to give a little something extra to each and every move. In addition to giving you a feel for what it will be like to perform, it often instills a little bit of additional self-confidence as you make your way through the dance moves.

Katharina J