Tango Clothing Tips

Tango argentino is a very expressive dance, and you will find that you can only do it justice when you wear the right tango clothing. You need to have freedom of movement and, in reality, the clothing you wear can be as much a part of your expression as the dance itself. Use these tips to help yourself find just the right dress or skirt and top combination to do justice to this beautiful dance.

Legs are Beautiful

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When dancing tango, there are a lot of leg movement and foot action going on. Legs are a sexy part of the dance and you will want them to show. Find a dress or skirt that is knee length, at least in the front. Make sure the hem hits your legs above the place where your lower leg muscles curve inward so they will show nicely as you move about. At the back, your tango dress might be longer but it should not cover your lower legs completely to make sure that you don’t get tangled up in the fabric.

Pay Attention to Freedom of Movement

You may have a tendency to buy fitting dresses, but when it comes to the tango, you want something that flows freely from the waist down. You don't want anything tight around the thighs or knees. If the dress has a straight cut, it is important to have a back or side slit to be able to do big steps. In any case the dress should be fitted on your upper half or it will be moving too much when you dance. A dress that is nicely fitted at the top and comfortable at the same time will give you extra confidence on the dance floor. Some tango dresses are the same length all the way around while others are shorter in the front and longer in the back. Your choice is a matter of preference based on the style you like better.

Look at the Back

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When you are looking at tango attire, keep in mind that people are basically going to see your back and side when you are dancing as you will have a partner covering the front most of the time. So check out the back of any item you consider and see what it looks like. Many tango dresses have an open back that heightens their elegance and appeal. Some have intriguing cut outs while others have crossed straps. Paying attention to that aspect will help you choose something that will look good from the angle viewers are seeing it.

Consider Fabric

The fabric of the tango skirts and dresses also needs to be just right. If it is too stiff, it won't flow around you as you twirl. You need something comfortable to move in that gives you the freedom you need to do the dance justice. Fabric is the most important aspect of the dress, and the cut and style are next.

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Katharina J