Finding Tango Dance Dresses for Every Occasion

When it is time for the next competition, or your group of friends are going out for some tango fun, finding dance dresses to impress is simple enough. The problem is that there are so many options that it is hard to narrow it down to one perfect dress. Before you start shopping at Coleccion Berlin, take a look at some of the basic differences in the tango dresses. Then, you can decide what direction you want to go and look at that type of tango dress exclusively.

The Angelina Dress

This stunning, elegant dress can double as a regular dress for other occasions. You can wear it to tango, of course, because its material is stretchy and flows well around your legs. But you can also wear it to a cocktail party or other dress-up occasions. The open back and waist element are great companions on the dance floor and it is perfect for festive seasons. This new A-cut dress creates a beautiful flow with its fabric that includes a side slit to show off your legs and give you even more freedom of movement.

The Olivia Dress

This exceptional dress has an elegant cut and a beautiful open back to help elongate the figure. The high neckline and tailored fit shimmers down to the knee with soft fabric that is as comfortable as it is beautiful. The easy stretch allows you freedom to move, and the dress comes in a beautiful, alluring prints and in black with lace detail at the back.


The Carla Dress

This dress is one of the classic tango dresses with good flow and a shorter front and longer back. The A-line cut is beautiful on the dance floor and, in black, this dress is a great staple in any closet as that necessary little black dress. The high neckline and dipping, open back enhance the elegance of the piece. It is hard to go wrong with this classic dress.

The Lucero Dress

This option is said to be one of the most elegant tango dresses on the market. With a beautiful open back with crossed straps and stunning soft fabric, it is easy to see why. The slit on the side shows the legs and gives you extra freedom to dance. The back is longer than the front - it’s a true tango classic. If you want pure elegance, you will want to go with a Lucero dress.

Take a look at all of the tango dance dresses that Coleccion Berlin has to offer. All of the dance wear is handmade out of stretch material. The fabrics used for the dresses are chosen carefully and tested extensively on the dance floor before they are transformed into beautiful dance dresses. The tango dresses from Coleccion Berlin look great when they first arrive, but they will look just as good after a long night of dancing.

Katharina J