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How to Stay Comfortable when Dancing Tango

Katharina Joite

From ochos to sacadas, tango dance is imbued with complex twists and improvisations. Besides concentrating on your steps, you need to ensure your partner is equally in-sync with your moves. One of the ground rules for a great tango execution is to stay comfortable throughout the dance.

Top 6 Tango Dresses to Spruce up your Wardrobe

Katharina Joite

Although there’s no hard and fast rule to follow a particular type of tango fashion regime, it is always advisable to keep a tab on the trending designs and patterns. A great tango dress will not only provide enough room for tango dance moves but make the tanguera look stunning on the dance floor!

5 Fresh Tango Outfits Crafted with Love

Katharina Joite

And we are back again with new Argentine tango dresses, tops, and skirts. This time we’ve tried to experiment with different patterns and layering infused with freshness. Let’s find out what’s the flavor of this season handpicked especially for tangueras who love to treat themselves to a new look.

Do it the Milonga Way!

Katharina Joite

The term ‘milonga’ has several connotations in the world of Tango. The African word gained popularity in Argentina and Uruguay in the late nineteenth century as a type of singing style. However, it is used in a different context and not merely limited to a style of singing.